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Smart Idea 1
by how123
Age: over 65
Gender: Male
Posted: January 9, 2011
No holes needed!
We didn't want to put holes in the kitchen, diing area and bedroom walls to hold te curtain tie-backs. The command hooks worked great to hold the curtain tie-back rings, no holes needed.
Events: Other
Spaces: Kitchen, Living/Family Room, Bedroom - Master
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Smart Idea 2
by bwttyk52
From:Menifee ca.
Age: 45-54
Gender: Female
Posted: November 4, 2010
Moving Day
Every time we move i use command hooks to hang curtain rods untill i can install the hardware. I wish you would make command hooks just for this purpose. They would be great for dorm rooms and apartments. The hook would need to come out a bit. This would allow the curtains to open and close better.
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Smart Idea 3
by Kayla25
Age: 25-34
Gender: Female
Posted: August 27, 2013
Kitchen Essentials Station
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To utilize the space inside of my pantry door, I hung all of my kitchen essential products such as tin foil, wax paper, and plastic baggies inside of it.
First, I wrapped them in craft paper and then I created fun, colorful labels for each of them before hanging them up with Command™ Picture Hanging Strips.
Command™ Picture Hanging Strips work great and hold the boxes strong enough for me to pull and tear a piece of tin foil/wax paper from them while they are mounted. They can also be removed to use at my table and remounted back on the inside of the pantry door easily when finished.
Events: Everyday
Spaces: Kitchen
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Smart Idea 4
by Kayla25
Age: 25-34
Gender: Female
Posted: August 27, 2013
High Heel Rack
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To organize my high heels, I created a shoe rack using a curtain rod and Command™ Large Traditional Hooks in Brushed Nickel. It’s a great use of wall space and eliminates taking up floor space in a bedroom or closet.
After determining where to mount my shoe rack, I applied the Command™ Large Traditional Hooks. Then I simply placed the curtain rod on top and then started hanging up my heels.
I found there are two different ways to hang them as shown in the picture.
Events: Everyday
Spaces: Closet, Bedroom - Master
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Smart Idea 5
by BLH58
Age: 55-64
Gender: Female
Posted: July 14, 2011
Wonderful bedroom idea
I got this idea from my sister. I have a lovely antique bed that was a gift from my late husband. It's the kind with side rails and slats that the box springs sit on. Since I couldn't use a regular bedskirt because of the slats, I took strips of hemmed fabric that matched my bedroom color and used medium strength picture hanging strips to the inside of the rails and footboard. After that I just attached the fabric. Now I can remove the fabric to wash it, or change my decor whenever I want.
Spaces: Bedroom - Master
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Smart Idea 6
by LaRonda65
From:New Ulm, MN
Age: 45-54
Gender: Female
Posted: December 10, 2010
I was spending a great deal of time in the kitchen one year and often needed a tissue. I finally put a box in the kitchen and naturally kept it on the counter or the dinner table. But it seemed to have legs of itw own, and I could never locate it quickly when I needed it. Finally, I used your mounting squares to attach the tissue box to the wall under our calendar. I save space and always know where a tissue is when I need it!
Events: Other
Spaces: Kitchen
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Smart Idea 7
by Floyd
From:Big Lake, MN
Age: 35-44
Gender: Male
Posted: November 8, 2010
Holds Photography Backdrops
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Using Command Strips to hold up backdrop
Using Command Strips to hold up backdrop
We sell photography backdrops at http://lemondropstop.com and use Command picture hanging strips to hold up our polypaper or vinyl photography backdrops. They work great and we suggest them to all of our customers!
Events: Christmas, Wedding, Easter, Thanksgiving, Bar Mitzvah, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Birthday Party, Halloween, New Year's Day, Graduation, Back to School
Spaces: Hobby/Craft Room
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Smart Idea 8
by BEBOP52710
From:Wheeling, WV, USA
Age: 19-24
Gender: Female
Free sample received: No
Posted: May 20, 2013
Super Baby Proofing w/ Velcro !?!
Everyone who has experience with little ones know all too well the never-ending and literally exhausting task of baby-proofing; and once one thinks they have covered all the potential hazards, the baby goes to the things we are at a loss of ideas for .... FURNITURE ... those tall flimsy side tables, night-stands, entertainment racks, table lamps, floor lamps, coat racks, even items on top these surfaces (lamps, clocks, phones, game consoles, remotes, handheld electronics such as remotes, baskets, bins, decorations ..) ... the list ultimately continues....
Once my 1 year old repeatedly tried to pull down everything in sight..... I wondered what a miracle it would be if everything was sort of "glued down" .....
... Then it hit me ..... COMMAND VELCRO STRIPS !!!
I can hold down everything and anything without damaging it ... and I can easily pull them off and attach them back with ease and as many times as I wanted ... and my baby was unable to pull down or move anything !!!
Also, if the strips were too long, I was able to cut them into smaller pieces to get more out of the package !!!
They are also easy to peel off if No Longer wanted a particular item in a spot!
-Here are some easy Velcro ideas:
*cabinet doors
*surge protectors (Velcro to wall or under surfaces)
*trash cans
*Hazardous cleaning products in cabinets
*Irons for clothing
*tall entertainment racks
*coat racks
*box televisions and large consoles
~almost everything that you wouldn't mind sticking up or down~
Events: Everyday, Other
Spaces: Laundry Room, Kitchen, Bedroom - Kids, Closet, Hobby/Craft Room, Hallway/Stairs/Entryway, Bath, Living/Family Room, Other, Bedroom - Master, Office/Cubicle
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Smart Idea 9
by Erynb
From:Piedmont, OK
Age: 45-54
Gender: Female
Posted: June 29, 2012
curtain rods
I recently purchased the clear command hooks and put them on our west facing front door, which has a large oval of glass. Needless to say, the sun shining in the house, blinds my husband while he watches tv. This prompted me to try to come up with an easy & attracive way to remedy this situation. So I put up the clear command hooks and will sew a curtain to cover the glass. I will put the curtain on a small tension rod. This way I can put the curtain up & down easily and the hooks are not that visable. I was thinking that Command curtain rods would be a great idea for apartment dwellers - they won't have to worry about holes in the wall, but can still add their personal touch.
Spaces: Hallway/Stairs/Entryway
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Smart Idea 10
by CommandBrand
From:St Paul, MN
Age: 35-44
Gender: Female
Posted: June 4, 2012
Gentleman's Valet
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Finished Gentleman's Valet Wall
Finished Gentleman's Valet Wall
Whether you’re a bachelor or the lady of the house, this project expands your storage space by organizing all of the gentlemanly accoutrements that may be shoved in the closet and making them readily available.
The vintage golf clubs drive home a classic sports club feel, and the blackboard creates a crisp and dramatic backdrop that showcases all of the colors and texture of the ties, belts and hats.
• Command Forever Classic Antique Bronze Large Metal Hooks from 3M (4)
• Command Forever Classic Antique Bronze Small Metal Hooks from 3M (5)
• Rubbing alcohol and cotton pad
• Vintage golf clubs (2)
• Pencil
• Measuring tape
• Small level
• Large framed chalkboard
1. To determine where to hang the golf clubs, place a large hook on either end of the first golf club until it feels comfortably supported. Measure the distance in between the two hooks. Make two pencil marks on the blackboard, spaced at the width and the height where you want the golf club to rest.
2. Fold the tie in half, and measure the length of the longest tie. This will be the distance between the top golf club and the bottom golf club. Mark these spots with a pencil.
3. Using alcohol and a cotton pad, clean the surface where you intend to place the hooks on the blackboard. Let the area dry.
4. Align the top of the first Command Forever Classic Antique Bronze Large Metal Hook from 3M with on of the top pencil marks, and follow the directions for application. Then secure the second hook directly across from the first hook, aligning it with the pencil mark. Place the first golf club on the hooks.
5. Repeat step four to hang the second golf club below the first golf club. Then hang the remaining five Command Forever Classic Antique Bronze Small Metal Hooks from 3M
across the bottom of the chalkboard to hang hats.
6. Finally, loop ties and belts over the golf clubs, and hang hats on the bottom hooks.
Events: Spring/Fall Clean Up, Everyday, Other
Spaces: Bedroom - Master
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